Weigh Bridge Crossing

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Weigh Bridge Crossing
Weigh House on the left and Crossing beyond in June 2014
Type Level crossing
Status In use
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Weigh Bridge Crossing is located where the road into Minffordd Yard and Minffordd Hostel crosses the main line and Mineral line just below Minffordd Station. Here loaded slate wagons were weighed at a weighbridge before they were taken down into the yard for transshipment or over to Porthmadog wharves. The old weighhouse is still standing. The crossing had stone setts to form the roadway around the rails which can be seen in old pictures such as those of the last trains in 1946. They were lifted at some point in the 1960s and used in 1970 to build the orientation table at Dduallt.

There is only one gate which is on the public roadway side of the crossing and it is kept locked. The crossing is very blind for cars approaching from the public road with no view up and down the track until the cars are on the railway line. There is an indicator attached to the gate to make it easier for FR train drivers to see if the gate is open. Because it is the access to Minffordd Hostel as well as Minffordd Yard, there it is considerable traffic over the crossing.

There were weighing tables in the mineral line and weighing equipment in the Weigh House until its use as the Civil Engineers Office (Fred Howes) led to these being removed on 22nd March 1976. The Weigh House underwent a major refurbishment in 2007-08