Busta (Locomotive)

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Not to be confused with the FR motor trolley of the same name.

This small 0-4-0 PM was built by Adam Barber between 2003-6 and is normally based at the Cambrian Railways Society's Weston Wharf near Oswestry in Shropshire. The engine is from a Reliant Robin car or van, wheels from a clay tub wagon from Hafod Brickworks, Ruabon, homemade gearbox (Source: News item by Gareth Evans, Heritage Railway, August 2006, p.32, but noting inconsistency in source news item about models of Reliant car. This is clarified at http://www.bustagroup.co.uk/aboutus.html **LINK NO LONGER ACTIVE )

Busta visited WHR(P) for the July 29-30th 2006 Gala. However, an earlier report suggests that it may have made a previous visit towards the end of 2005.

The locomotive has also been to Bala, Llanberis and Threlkeld and attended the Quirks & Curiosities event on the FR from 30 April to 3 May 2010.

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