C. D. Phillips

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A Consultant employed for a fee of £21 on the recommendation of Frederick P. Robjent to assess the situation at Boston Lodge at a meeting of the FR Board in November 1908. The report was received on 10th March 1909.[1] The report has not survived.

This appears to be Charles David Phillips who was born at Newport, Mon., on 26th December 1845.

After having been educated at Long Ashton and Normal College, he served his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer, and made a rapid advancement so that he soon became proprietor of an engineering establishment. He ultimately took extensive premises at Newport, known as the Emlyn and Central Engineering Works, together with works at Gloucester, and subsequently added branches in London and Cardiff. Newport Works carried out repairs of all kinds to locomotives, engines, boilers, etc., and manufactured hauling engines, saw-benches, mortar mills, foundry core ovens, etc. He died in Newport on 21st October 1912.[2]


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