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Peter Johnson
Official positions held:
FR Co. Exec Official Photographer (2003-)
FR Soc. Director 1991 - 2003
FR Soc. Post past Editor FRM 1990-2003
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Peter Johnson, currently the Ffestiniog Railway's official photographer, has written (or co-written) many books about the Ffestiniog Railway. He has also written regular columns in "Railway World" and "Steam Railway"

He was a director of the Ffestiniog Railway Society from 1991 to 2003 and editor (originally jointly with Norman Gurley and Dan Wilson} of the Society Magazine from 1974 to 2003.[1]
His publications on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways include:

  • Festiniog Railway Gravity Trains (1986) (Heritage Group book edited by P.J.)
  • Festiniog 150th Anniversary (1987)
  • Festiniog Railway Locomotives (1988) (with Weaver, Ingham & Rees)
  • Portrait of the Festiniog (1992)
  • Festiniog in Colour (1995) (with M.Whitehouse)
  • Festiniog railway - A View from the Past (1997)
  • Johnson, Peter (2007). An Illustrated History of the Festiniog Railway. Hersham: Oxford Publishing Co. ISBN 0-860936-03-1. OCLC 180463433.

An expanded list appears on his own site

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