Catherine & Jane Consols lead mine

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Catherine & Jane Consols lead mine is situated about half a mile north-east of Cei Mawr. It had a very chequered history, apparently producing much lead ore at one time but less and less as more and more money was poured into it.

The earliest reference to the mine is 1825 originally having the name Penyrallt from a nearby farm. It acquired the name Catherine and Jane in 1855 after its two lady lessors, Katherine and Jane Richards.

In 1860 a vast amount of money was spent installing a Cornish Beam Engine to allow the workings to go much deeper. This was taken out within a short period when no new ore was found. All sorts of promises were made to attract investment and even the name (Consol) suggested the security of British Government stock. The engine house became dangerous and was partly demolished in 1965

The mine had a siding off the Festiniog Railway immediately below Cei Mawr at Leadmine Curve. Some say there was a tramway to the mine and there were certainly proposals to do so but it is fairly certain that the siding never extended more than a few wagon lengths as there are no further earthworks.

For a while iron ore was also mined from another part of the area.

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