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Covertcoat Newmills.jpg
Covertcoat at Newmills, Launceston Steam Railway
Home Railway Launceston Steam Railway
Original Railway Dinorwic Quarries
Built by Hunslet Engine Company
Built 1898
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0ST

Covertcoat is a Hunslet 0-4-0ST built in 1898, based on the Launceston Steam Railway in Cornwall is named after the racehorse which won the Grand National in 1913. Covertcoat visited the FR for the May 1998 Mini-Gala, operating shuttle trains with (substantial!) assistance from Palmerston at the other end of the train. Covertcoat was built to shunt slate wagons on the quayside at Port Dinorwic, and was later moved to the Dinorwic Quarries themselves. Since preservation, it has been fitted with a cab and tender. In more recent times its boiler and tank were 'borrowed' and put on the rest of Dorothea, the resulting loco painted green and operated on the LSR. Covertcoat has since been returned to normal, and there has been talk by her owner of extending the firebox by 2 inches to the rear to give a larger grate area by almost a whole foot.

Some of the information about the visiting Hunslets is from the book "Quarry Hunslets of North Wales" by Cliff Thomas.

A photograph of this locomotive standing at the buffer stop at Newmills station on the Launceston Steam Railway can be found here

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