Daniel Silfanus Williams

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Born in 1894 in Minffordd.

He joined the railway on 11th July 1908 as a Railway Clerk at Portmadoc. By 1913 he was a Booking Clerk at Tan y Bwlch. He moved to Penrhyn in 1914 and was doing the same job at Portmadoc Harbour station in 1917. In March that year he was promoted to Station Master at Minffordd where he stayed until late 1926. However he spent some time around August and September 1917 releaving the Station Master (Thomas L Piercy) at Penrhyn. Between 15th June 1918 and 5th March 1919 he served in the Army in 25th Royal Welsh Fusiliers No. 91992 in France. [1]

At some time (c.1922) he also became the railway's agent (for Minffordd, presumably). The last reference to him in FR records is in January 1927 as Station Master at Minffordd. He left on 27th of that month.

Information from FR Archive catalogue and pay sheets


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