David Josey

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David Josey – yet to give up smoking! – Boston Lodge c1970. John Wagstaff and David introduced yellow vests to the FR

David Josey (1943- ) was a signal volunteer 1968 to Easter 1972. With John Wagstaff developed and installed the first phase of re-signalling the FR in the new era. Installed Colour Light Home Signals at Minffordd, Penrhyn and Tanybwlch, a mechanical upper quadrant Home at Dduallt and the somersault Up Advance and Home Signals at Portmadoc Harbour.

David was a signal engineer on the Southern at Wimbledon and then Croydon, moved to the BRB HQ Level Crossing Section and thence to the Western at Reading. On one of BR’s many reorganisations he found himself once again part of BRHQ.

FR Society member from c1963; WHRS member from mid 1990s.