Day Log/1832-05-25

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On this day the FR Parliamentary Bill received the Royal Assent, the London Gazette entry reading:

An Act for making and maintaining a railway or tramroad from a certain quay at Portmadock, in the parish of Ynys-cynhaiarn, in the county of Carnarvon, to certain state quarries, called Rhiw-Cryfder ,and Dyfrws,in the parish of Festiniog, in the county of Merioneth.

The full text of the act can be found here

The Act contained suitable safeguards for the Madocks Estate, the Oakeleys, and the Traeth Bach slate carters [1]

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  1. ^ Some early references entered into this wiki, were unspecific as to which publications were being quoted. This is one and relates to the works of M J T Lewis