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On this date, Charles Easton Spooner wrote to London, and the 'Lords of the committee of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations' that:-

'As secretary and on behalf of the Festiniog Railway Company, established pursuant to act of parliament of the 2 George the 4 C48 See Note, I hereby give notice that it is intended to open the said railway which is situate in the parishes of Festiniog, Llanfrothen, Llandecwyn, Llanfihangel y Treathau and Ynyscynhaiarn in the counties of Merioneth and Carnarvon for the public conveyance of passengers, as speedily as possible, and that the said railway will be sufficiently complete for the conveyance of passengers and ready for inspection the 26 of July 1864.

There was some question on the legalities regarding a) the conversion to carrying passengers, and b) its relationship to the Gauge of Railways act of 1846, prohibiting construction of passenger railways other than standard gauge (4 foot 8½ inch -1435mm), excepting Ireland where the normal gauge was/is 5 foot 3 inch.[1]

A continuation of this correspondence took place on 30th July 1864.


Although the original letter said "George IV", in actual fact it was "William IV" to whom he was referring.


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