Day Log/1879-04-26

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On 26th April, 1879, an accident occurred on the Festiniog and Blaenau Railway. [1]


Copied from NLW and corrected. Difficult to correct if you cannot see both original and corrected text at the same time. .


A NARROW ESCAPE. A train of the Festiniog and Blaenau Railway Co., leaving Festiniog at 10.30 on Monday morning, met with an accident about half a mile from the station. It had entered a cutting, the sides of which are covered with large boulders of rock. Owing to the heavy rains on Sunday some of these had become loosened, and one huge piece of rock of about half ton in weight roiled down with tremendous velocity, striking the end of the second carriage of the passing train. The carriages were all thrown off the line onto the opposite bank. Most fortunately, the two end compartments of the carriage that was struck, were unoccupied, and the passengers in the other parts of the train, with the exception of a severe shaking and fright, were uninjured, and have reason to congratulate themselves on a very narrow escape.


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