Day Log/1881-05-04

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On this day, a Tuesday, it is recorded that:-

An accident occurred whilst a small building was being transported from Snowdon Ranger to Rhyd Ddu, causing the loss of Benjamin Owen's life.

The building, a small hut, had been placed on 2 trolleys, behind a steam engine. Nearing the end of the journey, it was realised the building was unsafe. It fell, over a wall, and into an adjacent field. Owen, presumably alongside providing some protection, had tried to avoid the structure, but was crushed as it rolled over.

An inquest was heard at Bontnewydd by Mr J.H. Roberts, Coroner. Testimony was given by Richard Jones, and Robert Henry Livesey, the railway Manager, amongst others. Other people involved on the day of the ill fated movement were; Robert Jones who suffered severe injuries, and Robert Lloyd of Henwaliau, Caernarfon, who received head injuries.[1]


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