Day Log/1887-02-23

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On this day, consideration was being given regards the cost of the supply of some materials

The price of coal, from the Vron Colliery Company of Wrexham, was 13s 8d (68p) per ton delivered to Minffordd. A decision had already been made that this was too much, and the colliery representative, a Mr Jones had been informed the previous day.

The directors directed to Spooner that he should not purchase from them unless they reduced the price by 12s (60p) per ton delivered.

An alternative supplier, the New British Iron Company based in Ruabon, had offered to supply at 10s 11d (55p) per ton, and it was decided to try this source for two months

Rail purchase was also another subject under discussion at this time. Spooner reported that the stock in hand was about 30 tons with a recommendation that this be increased by upto 60 tons, i.e. tripling stock. The last delivery had been from the Dowlais Iron & Steel Company, and this was at a price of £5 4s (£5.20) per ton delivered to Cardiff.

It was decided that new stock be sought, and tenders from Dowlais and the Barrow-in-Furness Iron & Steel Company. Spooner was authorised to acquire around 50-60 tons at a price of £5 5s (£5.25) to be delivered to Portmadoc or Minffordd. If the contract price was higher, then he would be limited to only purchase half that amount.[1]

A year later, he was authorised to order some 120 tons (date and price unknown)

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