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LNWR announces dismissal of employees who cannot speak English. [1]


WELSH SPEAKING RAILWAY SERVANTS. LORD STALBRIDGE, chairman of the London and North-Western Railway, visited Anglesey, Festiniog, and other parts of the company's system in North Wales, but did not, as was anticipated, inquire into complaints of the recent dismissal of a number of Welsh-speaking servants. Those dismissals were carried out in accordance with the following circular issued to inspectors by Mr. Dawson, engineer of the permanent way department, Bangor :-- "Men unable to speak English.-- Notwithstanding my instructions upon this subject, I find that a number of men have been taken on who cannot speak English, or who can only speak English a little. The services of all such men are to be dispensed with, as it is contrary to the company's rules to have them in their employ. Let me know which of the men you can dispense with first. I do not wish you to serve all the men with a week's notice at once, but they must be paid off gradually unless they learn to speak English. In the meantime let me have your report on the subject before the end of this month." The publication of this circular has caused much sensation throughout North Wales, and energetic protests have been made by public bodies.

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