Day Log/1923-06-13

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The following is a copy of the instruction issued from Oswestry (Cambrian/GWR) on this date, in connection with the Cae Pawb crossing. It is thought the reference to "Traethmawr" crossing is from an error in the draft. It should read "Croesor".

See also the WHR instructions for the crossing here.

The Croesor Railway Level Crossing will be in the charge of a Porter Signalman, who will hand signal all the Welsh Highland
Railway trains and engines over the crossing. 
Permission must be obtained from the Signalman at Portmadoc East Box by means of the telephone, before any of the Welsh Highland 
Railway trains or engines are allowed to pass over the crossing, and the Porter Signalman at Croesor Crossing must send the 
following message:
"May Welsh Highland Railway Train (or Engine) pass over the Crossing?", 
and if permission can be given the Signalman at Portmadoc East Box will reply:-
"Yes, Train (or Engine) may pass over the Crossing." 
If permission cannot be given, the reply must be "No", and the man in charge of Croesor Crossing must exhibit a red flag or light 
to the Driver of the Welsh Highland Railway train or Engine. 
The telephone messages must in all cases be repeated by an exact repetition, and the time sent and received recorded in the Train 
Register Books. 
When permission is received, the Porter Signalman must place the Main Line Signals to danger, and after the Welsh Highland Railway 
Up or Down Train or Light Engine, as the case be, has come to a stand at the Stop Board fixed near the Catch Points, he will - 
provided the line is clear - close the Catch Points fixed on the Welsh Highland Railway, and exhibit a green flag or light for the 
passage of the Welsh Highland Train or Engine. 
As soon as the 'Welsh Highland Railway Train or Engine has passed over the Crossing clear of the Catch Points, the Catch Points 
must be opened, the Main Line Signals placed in the "All right" position, and the Signalman at Portmadoc East Box advised 
When practicable, permission for the use of the Crossing should be obtained when a Welsh Highland Railway Train or Engine is seen 
approaching from the direction of Beddgelert, or as soon as a Train or Engine whistles to cross from the direction of the 
Harbour;   the Catch Points however must not be closed until the Train or Engine has been brought to a stand at the Stop Board 
near the Catch Points. 
The Signalman at Portmadoc East Box must not give permission for a Welsh Highland Railway Train or Engine to pass over the 
crossing if a Down Passenger Train has been accepted from Penrhyndeudraeth, or the Signals have been lowered for an Up Train to 
leave the platform yard for the direction of Minffordd. The crossing may also be used for five minutes after a Down Goods train 
has left Penrhyndeudraeth. 
Except during foggy weather or falling snow, if it is found necessary for a Welsh Highland Railway Train or Engine to pass over 
the crossing before a Workmen's Train proceeding from Portmadoc to Minffordd only, has returned to Portmadoc East Box, or before a 
Goods Train or Light Engine proceeding from Portmadoc Granite Siding or Minffordd only, has returned from Portmadoc East Box, this 
may be permitted up to the time such Train or Engine is observed leaving or passing Granite Siding on the return journey. 
Drivers of Trains, or Light Engines, proceeding from Portmadoc East Box to Granite Siding, or Minffordd only, and returning 
without going through to Penrhyndeudraeth, must when the Electric Train Tablet for the Portmadoc and Penrhndeudraeth Section is 
handed them, be verbally instructed by the Signalman that on the return journey they must regard the line clear to Traethmawr 
Railway Level Crossing (?) Down Home Signal only.
The Welsh Highland Railway Trains and Engines, when approaching, or waiting to the Crossing, will give the following whistles:- 

	Up Trains or Engines 	1 long 2 short
	Down Trains or Engines 	2 long 1 short