East Anglian Group (FRS)

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For the Welsh Highland Railway Society area group of the same name, please see East Anglian Group (WHRS)

The East Anglian Group is an area group associated with the Ffestiniog Railway Society. It meets in Cambridge.

The East Anglian Group was formed in 1963, and although based in the City of Cambridge it serves the whole of the geographical area of East Anglia. A newsletter is produced for members.

In the early years the Group was very active with homework projects (rebuilding the W&LL van and the wooden bolster set being two notable examples), fundraising with the sales stand at traction engine rallies, sending working parties to the railway, and the Group Meetings. Many members are still able to support Megabash and Gigabash, and the group makes modest financial contributions to various appeals from the FR and FRS.

The members have close links with other local railway societies including the East Anglian Group of the Welsh Highland Railway Society.

Group Chairman, Secretary, and Working Party Organiser: Ray Elliott

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