Edward Sholto

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Edward Sholto
At Boston Lodge, Quirks and Curiosities 2010.
Home Railway Apedale
Original Railway Penrhyn Quarry
Status In Service
Built by Hunslet Engine Company
Built 1909
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0ST

Edward Sholto was the last of the 'Large Quarry' class built by Hunslet for the Penrhyn Quarries at Bethesda, and indeed the last new locomotive for Penrhyn. An 0-4-0ST, it is Hunslet 996 of 1909.

The locomotive was named after Edward Sholto Douglas-Pennant, who became Lord Penrhyn in 1907.

The locomotive had ceased work by 1956, and by 1960 was to be found outside the Penrhyn Quarries workshops at Coed-y-Parc. It was sold in 1960 to a Canadian, Charles Matthews, and exported in 1961.[1]

The locomotive passed through several hands in North America and had not been worked on by its various owners. Thus it was in unspoilt condition when acquired by Andrew Neale in 2006 for repatriation to the UK. It has now been restored to operating order and is normally based at Apedale, home of the Moseley Railway Trust in Staffordshire.

It attended the Quirks & Curiosities event on the FR from 30 April to 3 May 2010.

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