FR old company employees

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A comprehensive list of nearly 1200 FR old Co. employees is to be found at This list goes from May 1834 (when the company took on direct labour to build the line) until March 1947 (when only Robert Evans was left on the staff). It is not exhaustive and cannot be guaranteed to be all correct.

There are many people with similar names and some may be listed in the same entry. Also one person may have more than one entry.

The information comes mainly from FR Co records and census returns (1841-1911, 1921 not available until January 2022). To ease its use it is split into two pages, pre 1900 & post 1900.

There are various colour coded cells

Black cells indicate person not alive at this date – not all done

Green in Column D _ member of National Union of Railwaymen at some time

Red – on salary

Names in column 1 in blue and underlined are links to the Festipedia page for that person

Numbers in Column 3 give Boston Lodge works number (where given) but did change from time to time.

Numbers in row 1 are FR archive file numbers in the XD/97 series from which the data in that column came from.

Where rows have a coloured background for the name, this indicates all are members of the same family.

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