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Picture Usage - Barrie Hughes

This in line with a previous agreement to use any material solely within the wiki, under the current regulation, specifically
"the copyright holder has given me premission to use this work in this wiki (no other terms specified)


All pics on my website are accredited and I give you permission to use all my images. However, the copyright must be 'Not for gain' as I will sell my pics to anyone who wants to eg. write a book!

Regards, Barrie Hughes

The concept and an example of "The copyright holder has given permission for use of this image on this wiki. It may not be used for any other purpose without explicit permission from the copyright holder." was shown on Image:BWH_20050702_S9_Beddgelert_pit_roada.jpg

With further conversation, over a period of time, Barrie requested ability to have people contact him, and so agreement is that any pictures used will be in similar format to the above example, with a request for further information direct to his email address here

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