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This sub set of pages has been created to log correspondence between Festipedia authors and owners of copyrighted works, and relating to the usage of these within Festipedia.

It should be noted that these "permissions" can be classified into 3 areas.

1) All work within a specific field. This covers the first two people on the list, Ben Fisher, and Barrie Hughes. Both these people have been providing coverage on the rebuilding of the Welsh Highland Railway, and have both granted permission to use their personal work, credited appropriately, within this wiki.

Please note the highlighted personal work. Both sites contain material from outside sources, and this material needs be covered by separate agreements with the people concerned.

2) Specific material relating to an individual event, item, person, or specific groups thereof.

3) Permissions given from inherited persons or bodies. This covers older material where copyright is now held by people/bodies other than the original author. This covers things like museums, current editors of magazines of articles appearing in the past. etc.

The actual wording for each has varied each time, but the basic concept is that the person involved has given permission for his/her work, photographic or text, to be used within this, the FR Heritage Group, wiki only.

There may be other types of categories that can be identified

  1. Ben Fisher
  2. Barrie Hughes
  3. Keith C. Bradbury
  4. Bruce Brayne
  5. John Dobson
  6. Chris Dearden
  7. Chris Jones
  8. John S. Macfarlane
  9. Stewart Macfarlane
  10. Peter Matthews
  11. Andrew S. Thomas
  12. Brian Taylor
  13. In-house Magazine Material
  14. FR Archives
  15. FR Company Publications
  16. FR Co, Produced by former employees
  17. Graham Isherwood
  18. Robert Dafydd Cadwalader
  19. Tony Statham
  20. Michal Bishop

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