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Picture Usage - Ben Fisher

This in line with a previous agreement to use any material solely within the wiki, under the current regulation, specifically
"the copyright holder has given me premission to use this work in this wiki (no other terms specified)

On Sat, 3 Mar 2007, MANSTARUK@aol.com wrote:

> When I have asked in the past to use photos on the FRHG wiki, I have just
> taken that it was your photo if no other accreditation appeared.
> Now we have a proper system (!), where all details can be logged, I need to
> ask again - for clarification only really.
> If I spot a reasonable picture on your site, which doesn't have any
> accreditation attached, is it safe to assume it is one of your own
> Obviously if an accreditation is given, then I/we would approach that
> person/entity and request  permissions to use directly from them


That's precisely right; if a pic has no initials or similar (there are a 
couple of cases where I've had to adapt a bit, e.g. jh- = Jim Hewett, jnh- 
= Jonathan Hall), then it's one of mine.


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