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Picture Usage - Chris Jones


I am undertaking a project to retrieve old web pages that were on the Company website, basically photo reports that had been done by Ian Butters. Some already appear on the wiki - see page http://frheritage.org.uk/wiki/Festiniog_Events and specifically the ones mark *&* have been done so far. (I am currently writing the background info for each of those pictures used in them)

I note that you (I presume the same Chris Jones), are credited for the photos in an article Building Back to Blaenau, a copy of which I have found at http://web.archive.org/web/20040302195451/www.festrail.co.uk/BBB.htm

What I like to ask is for your permission to transpose those photos onto the wiki. If you agree, then there is nothing you need do. I will copy the files across and the whole article will appear, with amendment only to the layout - all text and photos (at a larger size than appear on the above page) will appear as they did originally.

Keith C. Bradbury

His reply short and sweet

No problems Keith - print and be damned!


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