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Where material is known to originate from or be held by the FR Archives, then permission must be directly obtained from the company Archivist, currently Adrian Gray, who has responsibility for....

All the papers in the FR Co. historic archives held at Caernarfon. Copyright in these documents is absolute.
All the papers deposited by the present FR Co. Copyright in (and control of access to) these documents, where the depositor is deceased, is absolute. Where the depositor still lives access may be limited but copyright remains with FR Co. archives.

All the images found amongst the Comany's papers in 1954. Copyright in these may not be absolute but the majority are covered.
All the images subsequently given to the Company or the Archives, or bought by them. Copyright in these may not be absolute.
The FR related work of the first official photographer, Norman Gurley. Copyright in these images is absolute.

There is also WHR related material within the collection, and Adrian should be contacted in the first instance for that area as well.

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