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Picture Usage - John L Dobson

The FR in the Sixties article John

(snip/preamble similar to Chris Jones above/snip)

What I like to ask is for your permission to transpose those photos onto the wiki. If you agree, then there is nothing you need do. I will copy the files across and the whole article will appear, with amendment only to the layout (due to the intrcacies of the wiki versus plain HTML) - all text and photos (at a larger size than appear on the above page) will appear as they did originally. Where there are links on the page, they will be amended to point to the relevant pages within the wiki, the NRM link would remain as it was. Keith C. Bradbury

to wit his reply was

Hi Keith Yes, these are my photos and I am happy for the FR to continue using them. However, the scans that Ian used were pretty poor and I'd be happy to do new ones if you need them - I'm pretty sure the originals were done with my old Nikon scanner, which didn't like Kodachrome. Cheers John

The size available were adequate, and therefore declined and saved him from additional work. (User:Keith|Keith C. Bradbury)

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