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with regard to the articles by Robert D Cadwalader, in relation to the maritime connection with the FR, the following email was the request to use/edit the material and the authors response

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Aug 23, 2008 11:21 PM, From:Robert Dafydd Cadwalader r.cadwalader@virgin.net

Hello Keith,

I checked the site out and it is fine. You obviously have a policy on the spelling of Portmadoc/Porthmadog. I concur - as an amateur historian I use Portmadoc or even Port Madoc in certain contexts but always put a rider explaining the official modern spelling. That way no one is offended!



Aug 23, 2008 02:04:22 PM, manstaruk@aol.com wrote:


Have now created a page within our setup. it it located at http://www.frheritage.org.uk/wiki/Portmadoc_Maritime I have used the same picture as you did, and properly credit you for it

Slight alterations done, which I hope you dont mind:-

  • 1) Moved table towards bottom so article can run as one piece.
  • 2) Added links into other pages on our system (like "Porthmadog" which we obviously have a page for!!!, Trawsfynydd we should have a short page for, but not yet)
  • 3) Although at top of article it states you as author, I have removed some of the more personal "I" comments. Hope you appreciate why
  • 4) You make a comment about copyrights, which I have removed. As it stands, you dont really have a problem. You have quoted sources as base of your material, but I assume all the actual wording is your own - therefore no breach in anothers copyright, at least as far as this page is concerned.
  • 5) The Garlandstone link didnt work, but I found another for the Morwellham museum.
  • 6) at the very top there is a link to your original page. If people need more info, they can obtain it directly from there.

Hope this, including the changes, meets with your approval, and thanks for the usage. If you require amendments, please do not hesitate to ask


From: Robert Dafydd Cadwalader <r.cadwalader@virgin.net> Sent: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 12:22

Please feel free to use anything from my website in the manner you describe. As I mentioned in my article, I wrote for your magazine a couple of years ago, an appreciation of the whole operation from a social history point of view is important. The gaining of the slate from the hills, the transport down to Porthmadog and the onward shipment by sea. The little maritme museum in Port is closed at present (ill health I believe) so by including my contribution the "maritime continuation" will be recognised.

Aug 22, 2008 03:27:31 PM, manstaruk@aol.com wrote:


A brief intro of myself. I am a member of the Ffestiniog Railway Heritage Group, and a contributor to their online "archives", commonly called a wiki (see <http://www.frheritage.org.uk/wiki/Home_Page> to have a look).

Whilst we are mainly interested in the railway itself, all matter related to it are welcome.

I would like to copy your page appearing at http://freespace.virgin.net/r.cadwalader/maritime/pmadoc.htm> near as it is, duly formated to requirments of our wiki software. This would mean any of the links would still be directing back to other pages on your site and elsewhere. A comment would be place at the foot of the article saying it appears with permission, and a director to the original page.

If you feel there may be problems with the conversion, I could do a test page, for you to examine, and then if its alright, promote it to its own page with the article being linked into others about Porthmadog

If you agree, then a copy of this request and your response would be linked to show permission has been given.

Keith C. Bradbury

PS when reading, I found the link at end of first para to Kevin Mclean's site is not working, and neither is the one for personal drawings at bottom of page.