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a draft request and permission document

Addressee, Firstly an introduction. I am a member of a team building an online archive, or "wiki" of the Festiniog Railway, in Porthmadog, Wales. (referred to as FRHG Wiki) The home page of this is at <http://www.frheritage.org.uk/wiki/Home_Page>, and your invited to have a look around it to see the work we are doing.

During an online search, I came across a copy of this photo <insert url here>. Having made enquiries, I beleive you to be the copyright owner of this image, and with this correspondence, I herby ask permission to use this picture within the FRHG wiki. The image will only be used in context similar to that in which is taken, to enhance the written data it accompanies. The permission is requested only to use the photo within this specifc website only. It will have any additional accreditation material attached to its base file, including your contact information (if desired) in case anyone wants to use the image elsewhere. (see <http://www.frheritage.org.uk/wiki/Image:KCB_20081110_Croesor_4.gif> for example)

If you are willing to allow us to use the image then please email the part from below

Thanks in advance

Keith C. Bradbury

I, insert name, do herby give permission for the image <insert URL>, a picture <description> of my creation, to be used

to be completed and corrected

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