H. G. Griffiths

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Hugh Griffith Griffiths, born in 1879 in Penrhyn, was Station Master at the following stations:-

Dduallt 1898-1901

Penrhyn 1901-6

Blaenau Junction 1906-11

Duffws 1911-15

Duffws & Junction 1915-22

Tanygrisiau 1922- early 1939 - made redundant

He found Dduallt very lonely at night and pleaded to be allowed to go home; presumably he was staying Rhoslyn House.

In 1901 lived at Shop Newydd, Penrhyn with his sister Laura. In 1911 he was still in the same house and had his niece Anne Ellen living there as housekeeper.

It is likely that he & his wife moved into Tanygrisiau Station House when he became Station Master there as despite being made redundant in 1939 it would appear that his widow was still living there about 1960.

Noted In October 1919 the wartime bonuses were paid and he received £3 9/6d (£3.475p)

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