Halt Room

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Halt Room
Location Boston Lodge North side of Old Engine Shed (FR No 89).
Register No 88
T. Corner ID BL00.01
Operational Yes
Heritage Status Listed grade 2. Highly significant. Original part of the shed dates from around 1863 but this part is older.
Cadw Blg ID 14424 (for the 'Locomotive Shed' to which it is attached and therefore it will be part of the listing even if it is not mentioned.).

Cadw listing text (for Old Loco Shed FR No BL002.02)as follows:- Exterior. Built of local slatey rubble with corrugated iron roof; coursed rubble to south gable end but uncoursed to sides. Boarded gates to the twinned square-headed entrances with iron lintel; modern lean-to on west side. Embankment wall on opposite side of track. At north end it is attached to the weigh house. Reason for Listing. Listed as part of this especially complete example of a C19 railway engineering works which has important historical associations with the Ffestiniog Railway. Group value with other listed items at Boston Lodge.

Description Solid stone walls under a duo pitched roof covered with slates. East and West walls are not parallel. The track with the weighbridge would have passed along the West wall.
Present use Store room
Previous use Halt Room. Was used as volunteer accommodation in early restoration days. According to Boyd (1975) was the weigh house of 1856 (see page 266) replacing an earlier one much nearer to Minffordd and itself was replaced in 1873 by the current Minffordd Weigh House.
Condition The building is generally sound.
Urgent and Immediate Repairs required The following repairs are urgently required (2013):-
Less urgent repairs A summary of the repairs required are as follows:-
  1. Fully repair and reinstate sash window.
  2. External decorations.
Improvements needed The following works go beyond 'repairs'.
  1. Replace plastic gutters with cast iron.
Potential alternative uses The future use of this building could be included within a larger scheme of conservation works to reinstate the buildings of the Top Yard. This could have a number of appropriate alternative uses.