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Articles within this wiki should be linked to each other. Links to other relevant information within this wiki appear like this. Hovering your mouse over the link will usually tell you where the link goes.

Towards the end of many articles you will find a list of reference material and links to external websites. At the end of the article is a list of the categories in which the article is included. One way to contribute is to add further links if you think relevant links are missing.

Categories and indices

This wiki does not have a formal index. However, it has a large number of articles on a wide variety of subjects. To help you find your way around, this wiki includes:

  • Categories. Every page can be allocated to one or more categories. The categories can be visited by following the links at the foot of the page. Each category contains links to other pages in the same category. Categories can also be linked to related categories.
  • Various lists and partial indices.

Both categories and lists may be incomplete - articles that should be included in a category or on a list may be missing, as well as a whole relevant list or category - but they help to organise the content of this wiki.

Useful links

Note that the following sections describe the navigation options in the default (Monobook) skin. If you have selected one of the other skins, they may appear elsewhere on the page.

Tabs (above the article)

Each article in this wiki can have a discussion page associated with it. You can see this at the top of this page. Alongside the "help page" tab is a tab labelled "discussion". Strictly these are two separate pages within the wiki but they are shown side by side on the tabs for ease of use.

Other tabs that may appear include:

  • Edit this page - click on this tab to contribute to a page by changing or adding to its contents. Occasionally articles are protected to stop them being vandalised. When this happens, the tab will say "view source". You can still look at and copy the source text of the page but you cannot change it.
    • Editing is easy. Don't worry about making mistakes - it is easy to undo any changes you have made.
  • "+" - allows you to add a new section to a page without changing any of the existing content. Typically this will only appear for talk pages.
  • Move - clicking this tab allows you to move the page to another title. The existing title will then redirect users to the new title.
  • Watch/unwatch - adds or removes the page from your watchlist. This is your personal list of pages you are tracking.


Assuming you are using the default skin, you will see some panels on the left hand side of the page. These will help you to find things. The top panel, labelled 'navigation', includes:

  • Main page - the home page for this wiki
  • Contents - the contents page for this wiki, from which most other pages can be found
  • Random article - selects a random article to display

The next panel, labelled 'interaction', includes:

  • About this wiki - information about this wiki, including a brief history
  • Community portal - an area containing useful information for those working on building up the content of this wiki
  • Recent changes - a list of pages that have recently been changed in this wiki
  • Contact us - how to contact the FR Heritage Group, the organisation that runs this wiki
  • Help - help on using this wiki

The next panel provides facilities for searching the wiki.

The contents of the 'toolbox' panel vary depending on which page is being displayed and whether or not you are logged in. It includes:

  • What links here - a list of pages with links to this page
  • Related changes - recent changes made to pages which are linked to by this page
  • Upload file - uploading images
  • Special pages - a list of special pages
  • Printable version - a printable version of the current page. In general you should not need to use this link. Simply printing the page should produce correctly formatted output. However, if you experience problems, try clicking on this link
  • Permanent link - a link which will always display the current version of the page
  • User contributions - if you are looking at a user's User or User talk page, this will list their recent contributions
  • Logs - if you are looking at a user's User or User talk page, this will list the log of actions taken by this user
  • Email this user - if you are looking at a user's User or User talk page and both you and they have given your email addresses, this will allow you to send an email to that user
  • Links to RSS and Atom feeds where appropriate

Personal tools (top right)

In the top right of the screen is a set of links to give you access to your account. These include:

  • Sign in/create account - if you are not logged in, this will be the only link displayed. It allows you to create your account or, if you have created one already, log in
  • log out - allows you to log out
  • Your username - clicking on your username will take you to your User page
  • My talk - this links to your User talk page which other users can use to communicate with you
  • My preferences - allows you to change your password and customise this wiki
  • My watchlist - shows a list of recent changes to the pages on your watchlist
  • My contributions - shows a list of recent changes you have made

Keyboard shortcuts

This wiki includes a number of keyboard shortcuts. If you hover your mouse over a link, the keyboard shortcut (if any) will be displayed. If the shortcut is displayed as "alt-c" this means you need to hold down your "Alt" key and press the "c" key. Note that, depending on your browser, you may have to hit Enter after typing the shortcut.

Selecting checkboxes

If you want to select a range of checkboxes, you can use shift-click, i.e. hold down the shift key on your keyboard while clicking on the first and last checkboxes in the range.