Help:Edit summary

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The edit summary should tell other users of the wiki why you edited the page. Providing a summary for all edits, however minor, helps other users understand what has changed.

When you edit a page, a summary field appears below the edit box looking something like this:

Edit summary (Briefly describe the changes you have made):

Your edit summary can be up to 200 characters long.

You can include links to wiki pages in your summary. All other wiki markup will be ignored. This means that the links will be interpreted even if they are inside <nowiki></nowiki> links.

Where the summary appears

You can view edit summaries in the following places:

  • Recent changes - the list of recent changes
  • Page history - the history of the page
  • Related changes - the list of recent changes to pages linked from the current page
  • Watchlist - the list of pages you are watching
  • User contributions - all the contributions of a particular user
  • Diff - at the head of any diff

Section editing

When you edit a section of a page, the default summary consists of the section title within the marks /* and */. When you look at a page showing the comment this will automatically be turned into a right arrow linking to the relevant section of the page, followed by the section title in grey.


You should always give a summary for any edit you make. This will help other users to know what you have changed and why you have made the changes.

Under some circumstances, if you leave the summary blank an automatic edit summary will be created when you save your changes.