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Pages in this wiki are divided into a number of namespaces. This is a way of dividing the pages within the wiki depending on their purpose. When you look at a page, the namespace is shown in the heading before the page title. For example, the heading for this article is "Help:Namespaces", indicating that the page is called Namespaces and is in the Help namespace. If no namespace is shown in the heading, the page is in the Main namespace.

The namespaces are:

  • (Main) - this namespace is used for the main content of this wiki, i.e. articles pertaining to the Festiniog Railway and related railways
  • Talk - discussions about articles in the Main namespace
  • User - pages belonging to users of this wiki
  • User talk - mainly used so that users can communicate with each other. You can send a message to another user by putting it on their User talk page
  • Festipedia - pages about the project, including To Do lists, licenses, disclaimers, policies, guidelines and other useful information
  • Festipedia talk - discussion pages for the Wiki pages
  • File - image description pages. These pages are created automatically when a file is uploaded and contain information about the file, including any copyright and/or license
  • File talk - discussions about the images
  • MediaWiki - the UI messages, stylesheets and Javascript for this wiki
  • MediaWiki talk - discussions about the UI messages, stylesheets and Javascript
  • Template - whilst any page can be used as a template, templates should normally be in this namespace
  • Template talk - discussions about the templates
  • Help - guidance on using this wiki
  • Help talk - discussions about the Help pages
  • Category - these pages help to organise the wiki by placing pages from any namespace into categories
  • Category talk - discussions about the categories