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The spam list at MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist is a list of terms which are not allowed in external links as they have been associated with spam. The spam list can only be edited by administrators. There is also a whitelist at MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist. Any link matching the whitelist is allowed even if it also matches the blacklist

Each term in the spam list is a full or partial URL as a Perl regular expression. Comments can be included by preceding the comment with the # character. Everything from the # to the end of the line is ignored.

If you are not familiar with Perl regular expressions, the best approach is simply to type in the URLs of the sites linked to by the spam text. However, some characters have special significance to Perl and must be preceded by the \ character if you want them to work the way you expect. The characters involved are .\/[]()*+?{}. For example, all-car-photos\.com matches "". If you miss out the backslash before the fullstop, it will match any character in that position, so matches all-car-photosacom.

If the site has been spammed and you need to add to the spam list, try to include expressions that will catch all of the links in the spam pages. It is not unknown for spammers to return and try slightly different sets of links.