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The user contributions special page shows the edits made by a particular user. If you are logged in, the my contributions link will take you to a list of your contributions. This can be useful to help you remember which pages you have edited and to see whether there have been any subsequent edits. The user contributions pages for other users help you to see their interests and can also be useful in detecting vandalism, copyright violations and other problems.

Accessing a user's contributions[edit]

There are several ways of accessing the contributions page for a particular user. You can:

  • Click on my contributions to see a list of your own contributions if you are logged in
  • Go to a user's page (User:username) and click on User contributions in the toolbox
  • Go to Special:Contributions, put the user's name or IP address in the "IP address or username" box, make sure the radio button alongside the words "IP address or username" is selected and click "Search"

Contributions from new users[edit]

New users are defined as users who created their account in the last 14 days. To see contributions by all new users, go to Special:Contributions, select the "Show contributions of new accounts only" radio button and click "Search".

Other options[edit]

You can also select the namespace to be searched for contributions. By default, all namespaces will be searched. You can also select a year and month. If these are set, only contributions before the date specified will be listed.


Each contributions line gives the following information, reading from left to right:

  • the time and date of the edit
  • a (hist) link to the page history
  • a (diff) link to a diff between this version of the page and the previous version. For a new page, this is replaced with the text "(New)"
  • an m if the edit was flagged as a minor edit
  • the page title, linked to the current version of the page
  • the edit summary if any

If this edit is the current version of the page, (top} appears following the summary. Administrators also see a rollback link, allowing them to easily roll the page back to the last version edited by a different user.