Kango Ballast Tampers

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Kango Ballast Tampers

This method is one stage better than hand packing with a shovel or beating up with a beater.

Kango tampers are percussion hammers which are electrically powered. Early on in the days of the FR revival, a slate wagon had a diesel generator mounted on it. It was used to power drills, screwing machines and Kango hammers with tamping heads. Two PW staff work together from opposite sides of a sleeper to tamp the ballast tight against the sleepers' underside. This is often done after lifting (jacking up) a rail joint to ensure the new "Top" is maintained. With different flat plate heads (Crib heads) they can compact the ballast surface. This is particularly useful to compact the ballast where lateral movement of the track might otherwise occur, for example on a curve.

See Working with Chaired Track.

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