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Kate Ellen Davies was the illegitimate daughter of George Percival Spooner. She was born on 25th November 1877 in Dolbenmaen. She changed her surname to "Spooner" by deed poll on 8th May 1899.[1]

Her mother was Ellen Davies and on her birth certificate her father was recorded as Ellen's husband, William Davies, a master mariner. Whether Ellen Davies had a position in the Spooner household is not known (the Spooner family's account was that she had been a servant in the family home). Her daughter Kate Ellen can be subsequently traced when she published her change of surname in 1899. It is not known if she was brought up in the UK or India (where her actual father was) although the fact she cannot be found in the UK's 1881 or 1891 censuses suggests the latter. By 1901 she was at the time of the census lodging in Hampstead with her aunt Harriett Lascelles's (Harriett Spooner's) family. Her occupation was recorded as 'of independent means' which suggests her father G. P. Spooner was keeping her. She married William Slade Olver on 21st December 1903. They had four children but two died in childhood. Olver died on 23rd December 1914 and Kate Ellen remarried in 1925 to William Llewelyn Dickin.

Kate Ellen died on 26th July 1944 aged 65.

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