Loco Shed

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Loco Shed
Location Boston Lodge South side of Erecting Shop
Register No 112
T. Corner ID BL025
Operational Yes
Heritage Status Thought not to be individually listed but buildings will still be covered by being in the 'curtilage' of the site and part of the 'group value' of the listed buildings. Works to the building will require listed building consent as a 'curtilage building'.
Historical significance The rear portion (old Carriage Shed) is highly significant and it is a surprise that it isn't listed (if that is the case). Built late nineteenth century and therefore is evidence of the phased development of the site.
Cadw Blg ID Not applicable.
Description Solid stone walls under a duo pitched roof with south slope covered with slates and north slope covered with corrugated asbestos cement sheets. Modern (mid-late 1960s) steel framed metal clad extension on west end. New Erecting Shop (No 111) attached on north side.
Present use Locomotive Shed
Previous use Rear part of the building used to be a Carriage Shed before the FR revival, and was used as Paint Shop from early revival days. The extension framing was erected 1963-4 and the building gradually completed by volunteer labour. By 1969 it had doors and a concrete floor[1]. The walls were completed in 1975-6[2] and it was then used as a Carriage Shed and workshop. In 1981 this work was moved to the new Carriage Works (114)[3] and the Electrical Dept had the use of the old Paint Shop area until 1987[4] before it eventually became the Loco Shed.
Condition The building is generally sound but the side (south) elevation of the old part is in need or repair (but this work may be affected by proposals for a new Loco Shed alongside and rebuilding the existing).
Recent works 2019 - New cladding on roof and walls replacing asbestos and repairing storm damage
Urgent and Immediate Repairs required The following repairs are urgently required (2013):-
  1. Gutter required to side (east) elevation of original building with new down pipe and replace defective gutter to modern building and replace down pipes
Less urgent repairs (2013) A summary of the repairs required are as follows:-
  1. Remove ivy
  2. Paint windows
  3. Repair eaves boarding and replace any missing or rotten pieces.
  4. Refix slipped slates
  5. Stabilise ragged wall.
Potential alternative uses The future use of this building is likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future. Current (2017) plans include major rebuilding[5] but still to be used as a Loco Shed.
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