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The quarterly magazine of the Ffestiniog Railway Society is published in January, April, July and October and distributed free to all members of the Society. Copies are also available for purchase from the shop at Harbour Station. The current editor is John Dobson. Previous editors include Fred Gilbert, Trevor Bailey, Peter Johnson, Norman Gurley and Dan Wilson.

Published by the FRS. ISSN 0015-0355.

From October 1954 to March 1958, Society members were kept informed through a series of irregularly published "Festiniog Railway Society Newsletters". A booklet recording the text of all these newsletters, and some contemporary photos, was published by the Heritage Group in 2004. References to these are listed under FRM but marked Newsletters

The first proper FRM issue was published in the Summer of 1958, and until issue 144 (Spring 1994) the title was "Festiniog Railway Magazine". Commencing with issue 145 it became the "Ffestiniog Railway Magazine".

You may see references in both printed publications and this wiki to FRM, usually followed by 2 numbers. i.e. FRM-001-01 This refers to the issue of the magazine, and the page no.

For further details of the society and up-to-date membership rates, visit the Society website (external link).

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