Lt. Col. E. Woodhouse

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Lt. Col. Ernest Woodhouse was an Inspecting Officer of Railways with the Ministry of Transport. He was a keen supporter of the FR from the start of its revival, attending the 1951 Bristol Meeting and he was able to be a very useful source of advice. His advice was appreciated by the FR as well as the Ministry of Transport. He attended the 1965 Society AGM. He was presented with a silver medal at the 1966 Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM for his help over the years.

He may have been a member of the London Area Group since he was clearly reading their newsletter in 1961. See Intermediate Occasional Block.

He died on 25th November 1971. [1]

Festiniog Railway Magazine's notice of his death seems to contain an error since it says he was an Inspecting Officer until 1949 but Peter Johnson records his correspondence as a inspector with the FR in the early 1960s. (Johnson, 2004)

Johnson P (2004) Immortal Rails Vol. 1, Rail Romances, Chester, CH4 9ZH, pages 123 - 131.

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