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Steps for adding an image, sound clip or video clip to Festipedia:

  1. The vast majority of images and multimedia files found on the Internet are not suitable for use on Festipedia. Please make sure the upload is acceptable for Festipedia before uploading it. Is your upload free content? If not, do you have appropriate permission to use the image on Festipedia?
  2. Select a descriptive filename for your upload. For example, "loco.jpg" is bad, while "Merddin Emrys taking water at Tan y Bwlch.jpg" is good.
  3. Provide some basic information on the upload. Where did it come from? Who created it and when? What is this an image or clip of? If it's a non-free image or multimedia file, why is it acceptable to use it? {{Information}} is a good template to use for this purpose.
  4. Provide copyright information for the upload, either from the drop-down menu or from the lists at Festipedia:Image copyright tags.
  5. If you upload a file here to which you do not hold the copyright but you have the author's permission, please quote it and forward it to webmaster at as evidence.
  6. Click "Upload file". After uploading, add the file to the article. See Help:Images for details.

If you upload content in the public domain, or under the GNU Free Documentation License or a Creative Commons license, that license is irrevocable.