Millennium Naming Ceremony

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Article from the FR Co. site[edit source]

This article is taken from a series of photos appearing on the old web site, and used here with permission

Millennium Naming Ceremony March 1st 2002
On a bright but brisk afternoon Beyer-Garratt No 138 became “Millennium” after being named by the Mayor of the Royal Town of Caernarfon.
FRC 20020000 mnmnam1.jpg
FRC 20020000 mnmnam2.jpg
A special train left from Caernarfon with guests aboard and 138’s new nameplates covered up. On arrival at Waunfawr the engine ran round to the opposite side of the platform....
....where speeches were made by Ken Allen, Managing Director Ffestiniog Railway, Michael Whitehouse, Chairman of WHLR Construction, David Frankland of Edison Mission Energy and The Mayor of Caernarfon.
FRC 20020000 mnmnam3.jpg
FRC 20020000 mnmnam4.jpg
Then the curtains were pulled back by the Mayor and his wife to reveal the new Welsh language nameplate (the opposite side is in English).
The front tanks of the locomotive carry Edison’s logos and the engine is now painted in their corporate colours. “Millennium” will be hauling the service trains this weekend on the WHR.
FRC 20020000 mnmnam5.jpg

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