Minffordd Hostel

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Minffordd Hostel seen from a passing train

Minffordd Hostel is the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways' main volunteer accommodation and training centre. It is situated on land between the FR mainline and Minffordd Yard, just above the Cambrian Coast line station.[1] The Ffestiniog Railway Society assists in running the hostel and the rates for volunteers are as low as can be managed, but depend on everyone helping to keep the place clean and tidy.

There are two main communal rooms a lounge and a library (doubling as tutorial/meeting rooms) and five residential modules four with eight bunk beds, a kitchen and dining room, two showers and loos and the fifth with 10 bunk beds. There is a drying room for wet clothes and clothes washing machines in the laundry. There is a Warden in residence and the Hostel Rules as to unruly behaviour are gently but firmly enforced.

Among the training courses held here are the First Aid Courses - the Railway has over 50 First Aiders who have to re-take their Certificate every three years.


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