Minffordd Nissen Hut

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Minffordd Nissen Hut - Permanent Way Store
Location Minffordd Yard Large Grey Nissen Hut type building attached to Minffordd Goods Shed
Register No 59
T. Corner ID MY011
Operational no
Heritage Status None
Historical significance A building of interest as an example of its type.

It was built about 1940 or later as additional undercover storage for the sawmill run by the tenants of the Goods Shed. Since the FR regained posession it has been used for additional storage and working space for rhe Infrastructure Dept.

Demolished 2016 to allow the new Waggon Tracks Shed to be constructed and rail connections installed.

Materials and workmanship: Curved corrugated sheet steel cladding forming combined roof and side walls supported on low fair-face blockwork dwarf support walls. The cladding includes six translucent sheets (material to be inserted) allowing natural light into interior. End walls constructed of corrugated sheet cladding also on fair-face blockwork walls but of differing heights. After rebuilding/repairs by P.Way dept and Dee & Mersey volunteers in 19xx the corrugated shed is braced longitudinally by bullhead rail stretchers above the dwarf walls and these are tied to rails concreted into the dwarf walls to maintain the width of the shed. 1 No. external wooden door. Internal access from Minffordd Goods Shed through former rail access opening - no intermediate door provided.

Cadw Blg ID none.
Description External - see above. Internal description to be added from memory.
Present use None
Previous use To July 2015: Infrastructure Department store for materials, tools and equipment. Previously Sawmill.
Condition Removed.
Recent works Demolition 2016.
Potential alternative uses None.

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