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Since railway building in Australia was 30 years behind that in the United Kingdom, Australian newspapers reported what was going on in the UK.

Since narrow gauge construction was seen as a way of reducing costs, the pioneering NG Festiniog Railway was seen as an exemplar, amongst others.

National Libraries[edit]

The National Libraries of both Wales and Australia have newspaper archives that cover the development of the Festiniog Railway. These archives have been scanned into computer-searchable files. The NLW archive of the FR is perhaps 100 times as big as the NLA one; however the NLA system, is in my humble opinion (IMHO), more usable, as will be seen in the following table.

NL Archive System[edit]

K Factor NLW NLA Comment
AA NL National Library of Wales . . . National Library of Australia x
AX Name of
Trove xb
BB Born 2015 2009 s
BX Search Order Fixed Relevance
CC Cites Yes Yes t
DD Cite Focus Nearest Page Article on Page
but not nearest line.
EE Subpages Yes, with index Yes, with Index w
GG Text Correctable No Yes x
HH Audit Trail N/A (Not Applicable) Yes
Changed lines listed, old and new.
Also name of editor.
II View Sync Poor, if at all. Raw text and edited text scroll
together, in sync. Great! :-)
LL HOF (Hall Of Fame) No Yes.
Each corrected line scores one point in HOF.
Why not?
Rewards editors. :-)
MM Tags No Yes Helps find things again.
Combines synomyms, such as:
* Accident/Collision/Crash/Derailment/Disaster/
* Fatality/Injury/Mishap/Tragedy/etc.
Handles multi word searches reliably.
Certain non-alphanumeric characters excluded.
May also be called "Bookmarks?"
NN Comments No Yes. Write note about any article. v
OO Lists No Yes. Kind of like a "global" comment. j
PP Public/Private No Yes. Tags, Comments and Lists can be Public/Private. p
VV Cite Methods 2 (Wiki cite does not seem to work) 11 q
YY Edit History
No Lists changes to an article, user by user e
Z1 Edit History
Don't know Lists last 10 edited articles
more recent than about a month.
Z2 Search History
Delete All
Delete One at a Time
Z3 GB Smaller Larger Extra features of NLA need more memory; costs more.
Z5 GHz Smaller Larger Extra features of NLA need more speed; costs more.
Z7 Wiki (HTML??) No No Pity that "Lists" do not have Wikitables, with some auditing.
Z8 Sharing No All users share editing of corrected text
Only user can edit own Tags, Comments, Lists.
Too strict.

Cite Samples[edit]

  • NLW: Accident - Bridge Collapse [1] [2]
  • NLA: Beresford - 50th [3]
  • NLA: Accident - Tunnel [4] Search for string "Accident".

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