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The National Library of Wales contains many archives, such as newspaper archives, that mention events on the Festiniog Railway. [1]

Other National Libraries (with Festiniog material)[edit]

Scanning Imperfections[edit]

The scanning process used by the NLW (and no doubt other national libraries) is imperfect, and the output text often contains errors. The search function doesn't seem to be clever enough to search for these imperfections. These misspellings can be searched for intentionally, as shown in the following table.

K Spelling Frequency
Remarks Reference
1 Fastiniog 144 006
11 Festiniog 61124 989 Probably the correct spelling as this is the most frequent one.
16 Fhstiniog 12 000
21 Fistiniog 15 005
31 Fostiniog 199 052 "o" and "e" are often swapped
41 Fustiniog 22 001
51 Fvstiniog 10 001
61 Fwstiniog 3 0
71 Festiniog Railway N/A 369 Phrase "Festiniog Railway"
76 Festiniog Railway 25671 672 Two words "Lord Festiniog drinks at the Railway Hotel".
81 Lord Festiniog 15590 210 Multi-word searches make many false matches.
86 Ffestiniog 6214 23
87 Ffustiniog 7 0 Rare spellings tend to be mispellings.

To ensure that all matches of F*stiniog are found, it may be necessary to tediously go through all the misspellings, unless that library allows uses to create corrected text in parallel with the imperfectly scanned text.

Note: N/A = Not applicable.

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