Quarry Lane Crossing

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Quarry Lane Crossing
Linda at crossing Quarry Lane when it still was a gated crossing, 1964
Type Level crossing
Status In use
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Quarry Lane Crossing, also known as Lottie's Crossing or Minffordd Crossing, is a level crossing between the Ffestiniog Railway and Quarry Lane.[route 1]

Originally the crossing had hand worked gates with the crossing keeper living in the adjacent cottage. The most famous crossing keeper was Lottie Edwards, who gives the crossing the nickname by which it is still more or less universally known.

Prior to 1946, cars were few and the gates were left open to the railway and closed to the road. A car would toot to ask for the gates to be opened. Once the line reopened, cars were more frequent and the gates had to be left open to the road. By 1957 colour light signals controlled by the position of the gates to tell the engine driver if the gates were open had been installed and a treadle to warn of approaching up trains. This was the first example of electrical signalling and interlocking on the FR.[1] The treadle was replaced with track circuits to give warning in the crossing house.[2] By 1979 the FR services were frequent which made opening the crossing tiring and Lottie was being helped three days a week by Wally Owens who had just retired from BR.

A level crossing order was granted for automation of the crossing with no barriers in 1986.[3] The installation was completed for the first train to use the automatic crossing in 1991.[4] Renewal of the equipment is anticipated in the "not-too-distant future".[5]

Historically this location was also known as Minffordd Crossing, but there are two other crossings in the area, this being the only one over a public road. The current rule book officially recognises all three names given in the opening sentence.[6]

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