Coordinates: 53°05′53″N 4°14′42″W / 53.09812°N 4.24489°W / 53.09812; -4.24489
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Type Station
Status Closed
Demolished, no trace
Latitude 53:05:51.49N
Longitude 04:14:30.07W
Grid reference SH497580
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Tryfan Junction Bryngwyn
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53°05′53″N 4°14′42″W / 53.09812°N 4.24489°W / 53.09812; -4.24489
Rhostryfan and Station

Rhostryfan was the only intermediate station on the Bryngwyn Branch of the NWNGR - at one time the main line - and according to Boyd was situated approximately 70 chains up the gradient from Tryfan Junction (which started at 1:39 and eased to 1:49 before reaching the station). As such the station was more or less 1/3 way up the branch from Tryfan Junction to Bryngwyn station. Aerial photography has clarified the distance direct from Tryfan Junction to Rhostryfan as being exactly 0.75 mile (60 chains), with the distance by train, slightly longer at 0.83 miles (66 chains)

The station was a mere 200 yards north east of the village centre, and built out on fill from the hilside. It consisted of one stone built station building, and a signal box. A siding was also provided, with a goods shed. It is not known how long the signal box was active.

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