Richard Methuen Greaves

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Richard Methuen Greaves
Official positions held:
FR Co. Chairman 1909 - 1921
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Became a Director in 1906 and then was Chairman of the FR Co. from 1909 to 1921

High Sheriff of Caernarvonshire - 1896-1897: Richard Methuen Greaves, of Wern, Porthmadog (see talk page) reference has also been found in the London Gazette edition 29993 1917 - presume to be one and the same

R. M. Greaves, Chairman, Carnarvonshire & Merionethshire Steamship Company

Notice was given that the company to be voluntarily wound up by resolution of E.G.M. on 8 Feb 1917, and confirmed on 8 March 1917 - Mr Griffith Prichard appointed Liquidator

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