Robin D. I. Scott

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Robin D. I. Scott
Official positions held:
FR Co. Exec 1971 - 1975
FR Soc. Post 1966 - 1971
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Wg. Cdr. Robin D. I. Scott. MBE, FCA retired from the Royal Air Force in 1958 and joined the Hereford based accountancy firm which eventually became R. D. I. Scott & Company. He was secretary to the FR Society board from 1966 until 1971, when, following the retirement of Francis Wayne, he was head-hunted by the directors of the Company to serve them in the same role. He retired from the secretaryship of the Company in 1975, and died in October 1990.[1][2]

He got his MBE for driving an engine. He was commanding an RAF station in northern Malaya in 1941 when ordered to evacuate before the Japanese advance. The aircraft had already gone when he arrived at the local railway station to arrange the evacuation of the ground crews, spares etc. of five squadrons. The railway staff had left due to bombing which made the station an unhealthy place to be. He located a Baldwin 2-6-0 in steam, organised fireman and signalman, and then, have never before driven a steam locomotive, marshalled 40 wagons into a train, hindered, off and on, by bombs and machine gun fire from Japanese aircraft. When in the afternoon the 2-6-0's injectors failed he changed to an elderly 0-6-0ST. The job took most of the afternoon but the train was ready in time for evacuation by R.O.D. special. It was for this and similar calm acts that he got his MBE.

He had joined the RAF after the 1938 Munich Crisis and had a permanent commission in the accountant's branch having qualified as an accountant three years earlier.

Named as Secretary in LRO amendment order 1972 per London Gazette.


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