Roy Goldstraw

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Died February 1994.[1]

Roy Goldstraw was a fitter at Boston Lodge in 1969. He achieved nationwide fame in December 1967 when he gave up his post of college lecturer for less lucrative work on the FR. He drove Mountaineer. His wife Kay helped to run Tan-y-Bwlch café and at least one of his daughters worked regularly as a buffet or sales volunteer.[2] In 1970 it was reported he had been off work for a fortnight after damaging a foot and was then off work for a similar period with an eye injury received while firing Mountaineer. [3] He left the FR to resume his career in lecturing after eight years at Boston Lodge many of which were devoted to nursing Mountaineer through early teething troubles. [4]

He was married to Kay and has two daughters, Helen and Zoe.


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