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I was under the impression that the Vulcan Foundry had more than one works. Newton-le-Willows, Warrington and Ayr are mentioned in Boyd's Festioiog Railway with a Vulcan Ironworks in Manchester.

Jim Hewett

Jim, Appreciate your point Jim. Not knowing anything, but will point out Warrington and N-le-W are only 2 miles apart and may actually refer to the same location. The Ayr location is shown as a seperate tender for the work and therfore may have no connections. The, or rather a Vulcan Ironworks in Manchester was viewable until very recently at the location no. 36 at [1] I used to pass daily, but since finishing, building work has obscured the frontage. This was within easy reach of a major rail industrial complex (Old maps is down so I cannot verify)

--Keith 21:37, 10 April 2007